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prime_adrian's Journal

Adrian Pucey
Adrian could divide the stages of his life into two phases - before Mandy and after Mandy. Before Mandy he was an egoentric selfish little prick, whose sole aim in life was to pleasure himself. After Mandy? Well, that little prick grew up into a thoughtful, caring person. Who knows? Perhaps that person was there all the time, merely latent, and awaiting his lady love's kiss?

All he knew was that once he kissed her, his life had never been the same, as he plotted with her to help her out of her unwanted engagement to Boreas. But somewhere along the line, they lost one another.... and not a day went by that he didn't think of her.

Now here he was, back at Hogwarts, thinking of her, wanting her... and wondering if she ever thought of him too...